Connecticut Real Estate Attorney

Eugene Glouzgal, Esq.

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I am a Connecticut attorney and co-founder of G&G Law, LLC, a law firm located in Brookfield, CT?focusing on the local needs of individuals, families and businesses in their major life events.

I help my clients acquire and protect assets.

My role in the firm is that of helping people protect their money and property.?My specialty is that of a real estate attorney. I?help my clients buy and sell property, defend against foreclosures, and litigate any other real estate related matters. Whether getting?individuals compensated for a car accident in a personal injury matter, or helping a business collect money it is owed under a contract, I help my clients with any lawsuits regarding money.

As an immigrant from the former Soviet Union, I take particular interest in helping Russian immigrants with their legal needs. It is difficult to find the right attorney, and even more difficult with a language barrier. Some immigrants also don’t understand the systems in the United States, both legal and cultural, and having an attorney that understands those systems and can communicate about them in their native language helps my Russian speaking clients feel comfortable and get the legal counsel they deserve.?I also use my bilingual abilities to help my partners communicate efficiently with our tax and family law clients.

I work with my partner?Tom Groth, who specializes in tax law, when helping individuals, businesses and families find relief from tax liabilities.

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This blog will focus on?my experiences and perspectives when representing my clients. It will include industry news and some personal ideas on the real estate settlement and personal injury arenas. I hope it becomes a resource for attorneys and consumers and promotes knowledge about what exactly is involved with the complex nature of legal work.